About The Foundation

When this company was first founded the writing service industry had a terrible reputation amongst students. There were companies that were selling papers to hundreds of students at a time and some that had writers who couldn’t speak English very well. All of these issues caused big problems for students everywhere and eventually they stopped using these services at all.

The founders of Dollar-Essay.com saw that students needed a better service. They started the company on one principle: give students the quality of service that they deserve. We started with this focus and it hasn’t changed since.

About The Writers

It would be impossible to talk about our company without mentioning the writing team. Without a flawless team of academics at the center of Dollar-Essay, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Each has been hand-selected to work with us due to their impressive qualifications. We also insist that every writer has worked with another company for at least three years before they come to work with us.

Due to our reputation of working to really help students we attract academics who have a passion for writing and giving assistance to students who need it. Our entire writing team is made up of experts who are continually trained and tested so they can provide the best possible service to you. This certainly makes us a unique option amongst the writing service industry and something that we have always been proud of.

About The Customer Support

In addition to our superb writing team, we would not be able to function without the customer support team. They are now available to students on a 24 hour basis and are always more than happy to answer questions. They are also trained in matching students to the right professional for them after they have submitted their order form. Without this careful dedication to finding the perfect match, students would not get the most out of Dollar-Essay.

The customer support team is also there to help if anything should go wrong, listen to your suggestions and receive reviews from students. As this information is priceless when working to improve our service, this team has been even more important to the development of Dollar-Essay.com over the years.