The People That Make The Quality Possible

On top of everything else, we guarantee absolute quality. This is not just in our customer service but also in our delivered work. Everything will be of the highest standard when you order it from us at The reason that we can absolutely 100% guarantee this quality is because we only hire the most talented and skilled writers in the industry.

Not only are these professionals some of the most qualified but they are certainly the most dedicated to their work. Your assigned writer will continually go beyond all of your expectations to deliver work that will impress you and more importantly will impress your teacher or professor.

Confidentiality To Protect You

While we do put the quality of our work first there is a very close second in security. We know that students worry about whether they will be found using a writing service or not. We employ three methods to guarantee that your details will always be kept in the strictest secrecy.

  1. The Tech Team – We have a tech team that works tirelessly to make our site even more secure. There is no chance that anyone will break through and collect the information.
  2. Confidentiality Agreements – Every member of our staff is require to sign a confidentiality agreement which states that they won’t share any details at all with anyone else outside Dollar-Essay. Not only have they signed these agreements but they also understand the importance of secure information so they have a personal dedication to keeping your details secret.
  3. Destroyed Information – After you download the final essay we will destroy all of your contact information. This does mean that you will have to provide them again if you order from us in the future, but this is a small price to pay for complete peace of mind.

Our Responsibilities Matter

On top of everything else, we know that students need to be able to rely on our service. To help this happen we offer the following three guarantees:

  1. Guidelines – You will always get an essay that completely fits your requirements and is guaranteed to impress whoever is marking it;
  2. Deadlines – You will never have to miss a deadline again with our service;
  3. Originality – Every essay we deliver is completely tailored to the individual student.

Through all of these guarantees we hope that you will trust us enough so we can show you just how incredible our service is.